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finance terrorism in Holland

The state must save and shrink its spending.
Tax evasion and embezzling cost us Citizens of Netherlands over 20 billion each year.With which justify the big players in the money circus are  not addressed, they may tens of billions each year our country locks without payment of taxes. We in the Netherlands must surrender our privacy to stop  religious terrorism and give it quite a lot of money on it. As a citizen I give more value to my tax remittance and my spending than the monstrosity religious terrorism. Why not 100 million made ​​available and severe penalties for those finance terrorists. Proceeds will hundredfold and deterrent to this underworld practice.Lett us this small select unscrupulous finance terrorcel address and get  their freedom and money to pay for their vulture and macht.Met blood money income Netherlands can remediate health and every good citizen will benefit from it.


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just a regular person with common interest.

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