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Global terrorism

Global terrorism made by The New World Order “HELL” yeah. The truth is so clear that the majority of humans look trough of it. They want control, they wanna be a number, they love to believe that they are save so they give up every privilige and privacy. How sick are you as a Free Human, to tolerate this and ignore that freedom has been changed into captivity. Humans, you are the modern Germans of this century. Stand up and fight against dictatorship wich is manipulating and free yourselve from modern slavery.Were did your  National reserve go2, were did your constition go2. Were did your freedom go2. Is Homeland security ,NSA and other shit  to keep “them” out, or to keep the new world order in control? This is a wake up call so become aware of the modern STASI  witch is transforming you like the Nazi’s did with the ” Hitlerjugend “whom should be the perfect generation with 1 identity and to obey every order because the system ordered.
Our military police look with armoured cars “to care and to protect” is that the new standard or is it to pressure the people who stand up and fight for there rights.Freedom needs equalty to be true and from my stand of view i see absolutly nothing. Resist, because shit is already coming over us.


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